Here's a few answers to our most common questions.

An Energy Service Company (ESCO) is a licensed energy supplier that is authorized to sell electricity and / or gas within various utility service territories.

Your Con Ed electric bill consists of two main components: delivery and supply. The delivery portion of your bill is associated with the actual costs involved to transport electricity over Con Edison’s distribution grid to your home or business. The supply is the actual electricity that is consumed. Deregulation of the energy industry means that you are no longer obligated to purchase your electric supply from your local utility company. A consumer can negotiate directly with ESCOs in order to find a product that best fits their needs.

You will always purchase delivery from Con Edison, and the delivery rates that you pay will be the same, regardless of whether you purchase your electric supply from an ESCO or not.

Zone1Energy (‘Zone1’) is a licensed ESCO that is currently selling electricity in Con Edison's service territory.

Yes. Con Edison will continue to deliver your electricity to your home or business, just as before. They will also respond to service requests and emergencies, as well as read and maintain your meter.

Yes, because you will remain their customer for the delivery of the electricity. In fact, it is through the delivery of the electricity that Con Edison earns its profits, not from the sale of the actual supply. So they really do not care where you purchase your electric supply from.

None whatsoever. Your electricity will continue to flow regardless of who you choose as your supplier, or if the supplier goes out of business. The utility will always be your supplier of last resort, so there is no need to worry. Indeed, deregulation would never have been allowed to occur if it jeopardized the reliable flow of energy to the public.

If you are interested in reducing your Con Ed electric costs in a simple, risk-free manner, then Zone1 is the perfect supplier for you.

Yes. Our customers are guaranteed to save at least 1% off their electric supply costs vs. the default utility, Con Edison. However, typical savings vs. Con Edison are 3-6%.

While our guarantee is based upon Con Edison pricing, customers switching from energy providers other than Con Edison may save much more.  

It’s simple. Just hit the ‘Sign Up’ link on our website to get started. The entire process should take about 2 minutes of your time.

Your savings with Zone1 Energy usually begins within one to two Con Ed billing cycles after you enroll your account(s).

Yes. Zone1's easy to use website has a My Account portal that allows you to view your electric usage, billing and savings.

If you switch to Zone1, you will get the same electric bill from Con Edison as you get today. The only difference is that Zone1's lower electric supply charges will appear instead of Con Edison’s. Con Edison’s delivery costs will also appear, just as they did before. There is no extra work for you, and no additional bills to pay.

Absolutely not. Nor is there one to cancel.

When you switch to Zone1, there is no commitment. You may cancel at any time without penalties. Cancellation should become effective within two Con Ed billing cycles.

Monthly savings will be clearly shown when you log into your account portal from Zone1's website. Alternatively, you can login to your Con Edison account and look for the ESCO Comparison Tool which will confirm how much more you would have paid if you did not switch to Zone1.