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How Deregulation Works

  • With electric deregulation, approved Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) are able to sell electric supply directly to homeowners and business through Con Edison’s power grid.

  • Electric consumers can now choose which ESCO best suits their needs

  • After choosing an ESCO, Con Edison will still guarantee the safe and reliable delivery of your electricity, and will continue to respond to service calls and emergencies. The only change is that the cost of the supply will be different, based on the ESCO that you choose.

  • When you choose Zone1Energy, Con Edison’s electric supply costs will be replaced with Zone1Energy’s lower charges, putting more money in your pocket.

Our Mission

Zone1Energy's sole business is providing New Yorkers with a simple and risk-free way to enjoy guaranteed savings off their electric bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zone One Energy offers only Guaranteed Savings Plans. Eligible accounts recieve a guaranteed savings rate below the ConEd supply rate, with no other fees or charges whatsoever. To see if your account is eligible, and how much you can save, go to

Please note that Zone One was founded to help our customers save on their electric bills. Fixed rates offer no guarantee that one will save vs the default utility (ConEd) rate, and usually end up costing more (see below). What may seem like a good rate today can end up being much higher than the Zone One rate over time.

In fact, there is already a prohibition in New York on enrolling low income customers in fixed rate contracts, and the NY Public Service Commission is recommending extending this prohibition to all mass market customers, as fixed rate contracts have contributed to the $1.2 Billion, or 15%, that residential customers overpaid vs. the default utility service in 2014-2016

NY PSC Statistics:  

An Energy Service Company (ESCO) is a licensed energy supplier that is authorized to sell electricity and / or gas within various utility service territories.

Your Con Ed electric bill consists of two main components: delivery and supply. The delivery portion of your bill is associated with the actual costs involved to transport electricity over Con Edison’s distribution grid to your home or business. The supply is the actual electricity that is consumed. Deregulation of the energy industry means that you are no longer obligated to purchase your electric supply from your local utility company. A consumer can negotiate directly with ESCOs in order to find a product that best fits their needs.

You will always purchase delivery from Con Edison, and the delivery rates that you pay will be the same, regardless of whether you purchase your electric supply from an ESCO or not.

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