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    We will beat Con Edison’s electric supply rate by at least 3-5% on average.
    Our customers have saved $129,306.77 since 2015!


    You can cancel at any time, with no termination fee or commitment.


    Con Edison will still service your account and bill you as usual. The only thing that changes is that you pay less.

How Deregulation Works

  1. 1

    With electric deregulation, approved Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) are able to sell electric supply directly to homeowners and business through Con Edison’s power grid.

  2. 2

    Electric consumers can now choose which ESCO best suits their needs

  3. 3

    After choosing an ESCO, Con Edison will still guarantee the safe and reliable delivery of your electricity, and will continue to respond to service calls and emergencies. The only change is that the cost of the supply will be different, based on the ESCO that you choose.

  4. 4

    When you choose Zone 1, Con Edison’s electric supply costs will be replaced with Zone 1’s lower charges, putting more money in your pocket.


Reward Yourself and Your Friends

Share your personal invite code with your friends, family and neighborhood businesses to earn cash rewards. Payments to both you and those that you refer will be $25.


Zone 1 Energy's sole business is providing New Yorkers with a simple and guaranteed reduction off their electric bills. We pass along the savings from the following:

1) We only provide electric supply to New York City (compared to the higher overhead of those who supply many regions).
2) Low operating expenses.
3) Cutting edge technology to manage Zone1 Energy at maximum efficiency.

With Con Edison still servicing your account and providing your billing, the only difference you experience is having more money in your pocket.


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